lunes, 23 de abril de 2007

Reivindicación Innecesaria...

... pero nunca falta un gil iluminado o un cacatúa que sueña con la pinta de don Richard Starkey.

Yo sé que ahora vendrán caras extrañas... a criticarme por no traducir, pero no tengo mucho tiempo. Muchas de las cosas que dicen por ahí no son tan difíciles de entender si uno escuchó más de 10 canciones de los Beatles. Los que hablan o son bateristas estrellas, o productores ídem. O sea, no me preguntaron a mí. Y el que abre el fuego no necesita presentacion...

Además de eso, tiene sentido del humor. Y el sábado pasado hizo que salga el sol al menos en mi casa, escuchando su primer disco, un flash de luminosidad entre tanto gris.

"Ringo's got the best back beat I've ever heard and he can play great 24-hours a day." -- George Harrison, from a 1974 interview

"I consider him one of the greatest innovators of rock drumming and believe that he has been one of the greatest influences on rock drumming today... Ringo has influenced drummers more than they will ever realize or admit. Ringo laid down the fundamental rock beat that drummers are playing today and they probably don't even realize it. (Modern Drummer,Oct. 1987) . .. Ringo always approached the song more like a songwriter than a drummer. He always served the music." Kenny Aronoff (John Fogerty, John Mellencamp, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.) , -- (Modern Drummer, Dec. 1987)

"D. J. Fontana had introduced me to the power of the big beat. Ringo convinced me just how powerful that rhythm could be. Ringo's beat was heard around the world and he drew the spotlight toward rock and roll drummer. From his matched grip style to his pioneering use of staggered tom tom fills, his influence in rock drumming was as important and wide spread as Gene Krupa's had been in jazz." Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen) -- (The Big Beat, 1984)

"I will always be there to support him. He's more than a dear friend. He's like an idol. He's everything to me. I still think of him musically every time I sit down and play drums. He's a very important guy to me.” Jim Keltner (John Lennon, Traveling Wilburys, etc.)(Discoveries magazine, April 1993)

"I think he's vastly underrated. The drum fills on A Day In The Life are very complex things. You could take a great drummer today and say, 'I want it like that.' They wouldn't know what to do." Phil Collins, Genesis -- (interview for The Making of Sgt. Pepper, 1992)

"As a drummer, he influenced three generations of rock drummers. It's not very flashy playing, but it's very musical. Instead of just counting the bars, he's playing the song, and he puts fills in unusual places that are directed by the vocal." Don Was -- (The St. Louis Post Dispatch, 1992)

"Ringo always got and still gets a unique sound out of his drums, as sound as distinctive as his voice. ... Ringo gets a looser deeper sound out of his drums that is unique. ...This detailed attention to the tone of his drums is one of the reasons for Ringo's brilliance. Another is that although Ringo does not keep time with a metronome accuracy, he has unrivaled feel for a song. If his timing fluctuates, it invariably does so in the right place at the right time, keep the right atmosphere going on the track and give it a rock solid foundation. This held true for every single Beatles number Richie played ... Ringo also was a great tom tom player." George Martin -- ( Summer of Love, 1994)

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Anónimo dijo...

no es necesario.

bonito lunch

La condesa sangrienta dijo...

The Best (bye, bye, Pete)

estejulioesuno dijo...

Qué nivel el de tus lectores que todos saben inglés ¡OK!

Protervo dijo...

Ringo es lo más. Pegarla cósmica siendo un tipo común.

Roedor dijo...

No es casual que Ringo se mostrara sonriente en casi todas las fotos. Calculo que se reía de los giles que pensaban que él era un gil. Recomendado el DVD "The Concert for George", donde el tipo toca en la parte final. La cara de disfrute que el tipo tiene no se puede creer. Y a mí casi se me cae una lágrima cuando lo vi a Dhani Harrison (un calco del viejo) contándole al público sobre "Uncle Ringo".